In our area, laid at the old Roman-street Vienna - Enns, in the original part of Austria (Ostarichi), guests have ever been welcomed in a delighted way and have been entertained there.

So, for example "Kriemhilde of Burgundy" visited our region and until the 15 th century some other great former celebrities travelled to the field near "Rems".

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With the construction of the west-track (1858) and the track which still leads up to Steyr (1868), our place got a new meaning as track-junction in the region “Enns – Donauwinkel”. The post- and holiday-traffic transferred itself from the near "Reichsstraße = Federal-street" on the rail.

So, the erection of the mail-areas at the railway station was the occasion for the construction of our house, the “Hotel Zur Post = Inn to the mail” (1890). The conveyance- and carriage (“Fiaker”) firm “Pfaffenbichler” had its site in front of our house and the stables in our adjoining building.

Alois Rogl, a born “Ennser” and his wife Maria, acquired the property 1938 and erected guest rooms, just as a bowling alley. He and his wife led the business up to the transfer to their son Franz 1970. Franz and his wife Annemarie Rogl, have developed the inn to the tourism-business. The present owner Franz Rogl leads the business since 2003.

2004, another extension of rooms, a new toilet-installation, just as the renovation of the kitchen took place. 

On our extensions we also build in a elevator.